Friday, April 30, 2010


Started working on a bust of Gollum from concept art of the old Hobbit cartoon movies. Here's the basemesh so far! Post will get updated as it's warrented!


Started Zbrushing today!


Some major facial rework and started detailing some loose chinks of skin.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Warhammer Building

Just started on a building from the warhammer online concept art today for practice! This is about an hour and a half-2 hours in, just roughing it out!

Gonna finish the rough today, then Zbrush some details in and hopefully get it done in a few days if spare time permits!


Got another hour to work on it today. Almost done with my base mesh, clocking in at 5000 tris now, I just need to add the eagle to the door, some lanterns, a sign, and the one front window area. Then it's on to zbrush detailing!!!


Finished the Base Model! Total cumulative time 4.5 hours! On to some High rez work and normal map generation!!!


Got some time to start playing around with texture ideas. Figured a basic stone brick with a muddy brown grout would do the trick, just something super simple and repeatable. Also decided to break up the cornerstones with a lighter smooth stone texture for now. Stairs aren't UV'd and I'm not sold on them sharing the cornerstone texture just yet, we'll see. Gonna texture my way up this thing from bottom to top! Spent a few hours on it so far, Mostly playing and test casing stuff.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Started fiddling around in ZBrush, Finally. Working on a simple, destroyed column for practice. now that the sculpt is done, I'm going to shoot the normals and work on texturing. Expect to see ti in Unreal sometime soon!

Transformers: War for Cybertron NDS

Not many images here, either. But I worked on Transformers NDS as an environment artist. responsible for building levels around design specifications. I was primarily responsible for 4 maps and a boss room. The Omega Key missions, including the Zeta Prime miniboss room were all mine! I'll update this post if I manage to find some better screens!

MUA2 360

Worked on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for the 360/PS3 as a Jr. Prop/Environment Artist. Owned 2 maps pre-beta, includin the Tinkerer's Lab and Washington DC. Responsabilities included Prop Making, Level Layout, tileset generation/maintenance, Modeling/Texturing and general fire fighting. Having difficulty obtaining some decent screencaps, here's what I was able to find of my work so far! I plan on playing through this week (Feb 14/2011) to take some shots, myself! Enjoy these though!

GH5 and Band Hero Wii

I worked on Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero for the Wii as a venue artist. My responsibilities included down-rezzing and optimizing 360 assets, repainting texture maps to look better on the Wii hardware, and also worked on the light shows for the venues, controlling the types of light cones, color, intensity, as well as character/venue lighting. Special effects (visualizer screens and such) Were also a part of the my tasks. Lastly, I was responsible for working with Art Direction and within hardware limitations to make aesthetic choices that better suit the Wii. (In Mall; Bringing the back wall in way closer then in the 360 version, for example.); From both games, here are a few shots of the venues I had ownership over.

Cairo - GH5

Subway - GH5

Nashville - GH5

The Mall - BH

I apologize for the poor image quality. Image capturing was a bit of a hassle.


Here's some old personal work from around 2005-2006. I used to have a website, but don't keep up with the payments there, anymore, so I'm dumping them here!

This was an art test for Cryptic Studios. Time Frame 1 week in spare time.

This was just a creepy subterranean building I made for personal development after college. time Frame 1 week in spare time.

This Building was an art test for a Texas company I applied to after college. 1 week, spare time.

Created a Blog!

Hey, My name is Jason MacNeil, and I'm an environment artist currently working for Activision-Blizzard, at Vicarious Visions in NY! I just created this blog as a standard art dump of some of my professional and personal works! Hope you enjoy your stay!