Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ben 10: Omniverse!

Here's some work from our latest project over at Vicious Cycle Software. A beat-em-up adaptation of the new Cartoon Network show, Ben 10: Omniverse!

Let's see, on this project I was half responsible for the creation/ownership/bug fixing of levels 1,3,6, and 11. I was partly responsible for the last segments of level 2 as well! Also I was involved with the E3 demo levels and prototyping phase.

On this project, I was also heavily involved in a bunch of meetings and decision-making, although not every idea submitted by our department made it in, I feel that me and my co workers in environments had enough input that made a really positive impact on the overall end product!

So here's some choice shots of the stuff I was mostly responsible for, enjoy!