Friday, October 24, 2014

Scripting in C# - Wombat Game!

Hey all! Been awhile, I've been pretty busy!

I switched roles at work last year, moving from Art into the Design department. I've had strong opinions on game designs and systems ever since I've been building levels and art, and my current company was kind enough to move me over to a department where I felt I could do more good for our products!

So this is a personal project I started to teach myself scripting in C#. Everything is written by me in monodevelop in the unity game engine. It's a game about wombats and poop!

You may not know this about wombats, but they poop out cubes, for real! Google it! I'll wait...

... Weird, right? Anyways it gace me an idea for a simple platformer where you rely on your poop blocks to make platforms that allow you to traverse the levels. This little prototype is the result of that.

Wombat Game!!
(You need Unity Web-Player installed. It should give you the option to download it when clicking the link if you need it!)

The goal is to make it up to the top left of the level where it says Goal! Arrow keys move you, space jumps. Left click when you are on top of the grass (green cubes) to eat them, and right click to drop one poop per grass you have eaten. once you poop, it starts a timer that causes the grass to re-grow so you can try again if you crap in the wrong area.

Also has xbox 360 gamepad support if you prefer that!

Anyways, here it is, enjoy and leave comments!