Design Work

Level Design


Here's a level design document I put together for a hypothetical 3rd person shooter set on a sci-fi space station. Level layout was created in 3DS Max using tile pieces, the idea being that artists could simply replace the grey-mesh tiles I created with final art pieces down the road.

Scene Staging:

Here are a few areas I've staged using provided assets in various game engines. Most of these were done to familiarize myself with the editors and get used to blocking out areas and manipulating assets within them.
UDK - Abandoned Tech Room
UE4 - Ruined Castle Entrance
Fallout 3 (GECK) - Bandit Lair

Adventure Time- Finn and Jake Investigations:

Adventure Time levels were a different type of level design than what I was previously used to. Since there was no platforming to be conscious of, and since combat was restricted to pre-defined arenas, the layouts were more about how to present the various characters and objectives to players in an obvious and entertaining way. A few level design document examples are presented below. Enjoy!

I will release the documentaiton and video walk-throughs of these levels once the game is release this October! Stay tuned!

Chapter 1 - Act 2: "Wizard City"
Chapter 2 - Act 1: "Hairy Beast" (Continued:
Chapter 3 - Act 3: "Lemongrab"
Chapter 4 - Act 1: "Fire Kingdom"
Chapter 5 - Act 3: "Getting the Band Together"

Stay tuned for the Marceline DLC! I'll add that once it's been released!

Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures 2:

Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures 2 was a fun project to work on! We had an extremely limited timeline to crank out almost 50 levels between four designers. Below are some levels I worked on. The documentation in Pac-Man was very loose compared to other projects, due to the iterative nature of building the levels out quickly. Level designs started with a concept or challenge, and we then looked for ways to introduce that challenge, then let players practice it, and then let them master it. Lots of iteration happened in-editor.

Check out an example of the documentation I did in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 below!

Here are links to a lets play series featuring my other Pac-Man 2 levels:

Chapter 2: Pacopolis
"Gotta Bounce"
"Dribble & Freeze"

Chapter 2: Paclantis
"Viva Paclantis"
"Granite Grotto"

Chapter 3: Space
"Gravity Games"
"Magnetic North"
"Space Dock Swing"

Chapter 4: Prehistoric
"Geysers and Mammoths"
"Kong Berry Cliffs"

Chapter 5: Netherworld
"Icy Hot"
"The Lava Pits"

Boss and Combat Design

Here are a few combat-related designs I've had a hand in. The Betrayus Bossfight was the last boss in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2. The combat document below that is a document planning out combat for a hypothetical single player RPG game. Please check them out to see how I go about writing up combat-related designs!

Here's a link to a video of the boss fight in action! -

RPG Game Combat Doc:

A Combat-Planning document for a hypothetical single player RPG game, covering bosses, enemies, skills, and weapons.

Pitches and Planning

A big part of my job at Vicious Cycle was coming up with pitch documents to show licence holders and investors. Trying to take an IP and figure out what sort of gameplay would suit it best that we could deliver on with our staff size and our time budgets. I've stripped away any actual names or references to protect the IP's themselves, but you can still check out the documents and get an idea what sort of games I wrote up pitches for!

Magic Rabbit:

A magician-themed platforming adventure.

Witch Game:

A simple mobile game idea where the player controls a witch living in the forest.

More examples coming soon...

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